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Most giving is 80% emotion and 20 % rational. And the best way to get to someone’s emotions is to tell a story. We encourage you to donate and tell your story so that you may encourage a youth to tell theirs.

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It all started when…

A group of students changed my life in the fall of 2013, and forever changed my way of how I see the world. I was working as a part time academic coach at Helix High. After graduating there in 2009, I went off to USC and had no plans of ever returning. My dream was to live the Hollywood life, with plans to work for MTV after college. But a few days before graduation, the unimaginable happen when 79 LAPD officers showed up to my house in riot gear the morning of May 4, 2013. I was handcuffed for throwing a party that received a noise complaint. Meanwhile the party across the street, which was predominately white party goers, were told to stay in the house in be safe. I immediately called this act racial discrimination and helped to lead a protest that landed me on the front page of the LA Times. How victorious you feel to have your face plastered on the front page of a world leading newspaper one day, to feel helpless and without an solution the next. 

I went after the solution and founded Movement BE to inspire a generation to tell their story before someone else does. Starting a club after school at Helix was the first step. We gathered students at the school who enjoyed poetry. Knowing that "poetry is the voice of the unacknowledged world,” we create safe spaceS for students to be vulnerable to BE themselves. Every Wednesday, we would meet after school to take time to write, and then share our stories. I never knew then that it would be the beginning of a mass movement for expression.

Today that after school club model is now a global model for youth expression. Through the Movement BE social platform students can post their story and truly BE open to a community of truth and love from all around the world. 

The transformation of education is our answer to change. We will do that by transforming our students…one poem at a time.

Nate Howard, Founder