What is Movement BE?

Movement BE is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the millennial generation, by providing students with the tools to develop their narrative for the classroom and beyond.

The pillars to BE are rooted in self-expression, leadership, and community. Our mission helps students to tell their story before someone else does, encouraging them to find the truth in who they are, to challenge the stereotypes they often reinforce. We destroy these stereotypes by identifying ourselves with BE's (from picture above).

We open students to be vulnerable in a safe environment, to find the courage to write who they plan to BE, nonetheless turning their narratives into the dreams they all plan to one day accomplish. Through spoken word and poetic art forms, students gain skills in reading, writing, and performing poetry while enhancing leadership and critical thinking techniques.


The overall goal is to help students understand their story to better engage in the classroom. It is important that we bridge the gap between educators and students but allowing students to shape the way they learn.

The first step is self-expression in which students are able to be vulnerable in expression their fears and desires. Being able to be open in a safe environment, students build community in which they are able to help shape the conversation in which they are engaged. This nonetheless allows leadership from students who have now found passion in their story, and can see the results of learning more about themselves and how they can achieve to be better students both inside and outside the classroom.

Movement BE hopes to be a supplement to the rigor of an academic classroom.  It is important they we begin to engage and understand our students in a unique way. Let them see the value in what they are learning, by realizing who they are and destined to BE. 

Movement BE
Tell your story before they do.
— Nate Howard

Most giving is 80% emotion and 20 % rational. And the best way to get to someone’s emotions is to tell a story. We encourage you to donate and tell your story so that you may encourage a youth to tell theirs.