MOVEMENT BE: The Small Things


T H E  S M A L L  T H I N G S

I constantly hear that we should “enjoy the small things” – “enjoy the moment” – “focus on the present” – or “it all goes by so fast”. While these phrases are so common that it can be easy to dust them off, they are great pieces of advice.

A girl who I very much respect and admire inspired me to write this. She laughed and, when I looked at her smile, I was happy for the sole reason of being there in that moment and feeling her energy. Keeping the small things close helps slow life just enough to smell the roses. Without these little moments of joy, we are lost souls patting our way through the dark in a very complex world. However, when we focus in on the little things that make us happy, we are able to feel the light.

Rolling down the windows in the car and feeling the wind – closing my eyes and listening to a song with no distractions - paying attention to the intricacies of my mother's voice on the phone– noticing a friend’s smile - doing my current task to the best of my ability. These are the small things that individually add up to the big picture. By focusing on the thing that i am doing in this very moment, i can access a source of happiness that oftentimes escapes me. Focusing on and enjoying the small things makes achieving the big things worth it, not to mention way more likely. 

Reflection Questions- Find Your Story

1. What are some of the small things that i appreciate? 

2. How often do i pay attention to the small things? 

3. What are some examples of ways that a series of small events led to a big moment in my or someone else's life? This could be "good" or "bad". 

4. In what ways, if any, does uncertainty about the future cloud my ability to do the small things to my greatest potential? Has this negatively impacted the bigger picture for me?

5. How can i train myself to pay attention to the small things more? 

Writing Submission- Tell Your Story

  • Please write a poem/prose on the small things.

  • Leave your response as a comment to this post.

BE your story!