Movement BE: Focus

"I focus on one thing and one thing only - that's trying to win as many championships as i can"


Let’s focus on what we want instead of on the fact that we don’t have it. If we focus on the fact that we don’t have what it is that we want, all we are doing is manifesting its perpetual absence. If we focus on obtaining what we want, we begin to take tangible steps towards it. We create it out of thin air. We attract it into our lives by focusing on it. Let’s reach our full potential through focus. There’s joy in focus. There’s focus in greatness. 

Reflection Questions- Find Your Story

1. What do i put the majority of my focus on? 

2. Why do i place so much focus on (answer to above)?

3. If i feel like shifting or narrowing my focus would be beneficial to me, how will i achieve this? 

4. What do i enjoy doing?

5. What do i do? 

Writing Submission- Tell Your Story

  • Please write a poem/prose on focus

  • Leave your response as a comment to this post

BE your story!