We are hosting a poetry contest from Feb 6th to March 27th. Submit poems related to Love, Peace or Happiness for a chance to win up to $500 and/or get published in an upcoming poetry book. By submitting your poem, you are affirming that you agree to the Terms and Conditions below. Please follow the guidelines completely to be eligible.



Email your poem(s) to stories@movementbe.org

Download the iOS version of Movement BE App.

Or, email stories@movementbe.org to join the waiting list for the Android / Web release in August.

You may submit as many poems as you'd like.

Thank you and best of luck! We look forward to reading your poems and rewarding your bravery in expressing yourself.


1. Poems must be original, unpublished and one page or less.

2. Anyone can submit poems.

3. Poems must adhere to the themes of Love, Peace or Happiness.

4. Authors may be limited to getting one poem published even if multiple poems are acceptable for publication.

5. Poems which are accepted may not be published due to space limitations. These poems may be

reserved for future publications.

6. Rights to publication will be held by Movement BE and its partners but the authors will retain ownership

(author may sell their rights in the future to some other entity).  

7. By entering this contest, you agree to allow Movement BE, Movement BE App and directly related individuals and subsidiaries to have the rights to share and distribute your work, in part or in whole. 

8. If your poem is selected for part of the $1000 prize or publication, we will contact you via email to notify you and request further details.

Each author of selected poems will be required to submit a signed and dated copy of the Copyright license. This will be sent to you prior to publication. This copyright allows La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Foundation and Movement BE to publish your poem. You as the author retain ownership of the poem and may sell it or publish it elsewhere if you desire. The owner should understand that all profits from the publication of his or her work by La Mesa Sunrise Rotary will be used for charitable works.