Helix High School, Fall 2013.

Helix High School, Fall 2013.


It all started when...

A group of students changed my life in the fall of 2013, and forever changed my way of how I see the world. I was working as a part time academic coach at Helix High. After graduating there in 2009, I went off to USC and had no plans of ever returning. My dream was to live the Hollywood life, with plans to work for MTV after college. But a few days before graduation, the unimaginable happen when 79 LAPD officers showed up to my house in riot gear the morning of May 4, 2013. I was handcuffed for throwing a party that received a noise complaint. Meanwhile the party across the street, which was predominately white party goers, were told to stay in the house in be safe. I immediately called this act racial discrimination and help lead a protest that landed me on the front page of the LA Times. How victorious you feel to have your face plastered on the front page of a world leading newspaper one day, to feel helpless and without an solution the next. 

I went after the solution and founded Movement BE to inspire a generation to tell their story before someone else does. Starting a club after school at Helix was the first step. We gathered students at the school who enjoyed poetry. Knowing that "poetry is the voice of the unacknowledged world, we creates a safe space for students to be vulnerable in creative form. Every Wednesday, we would meet after school to take time to write, and then share our stories. I never knew then it was the beginning of a mass movement of expression.

Today that after school club model is now a worldwide model for youth expression. Through the Movement BE social platform students can post their story and truly BE open to a community of truth and love from all around the world. 

The transformation of education is our answer to change. We will do that by transforming our students. The question is-- will our educators listen? We're here to help.

Nate Howard, Founder