When No One Else Cared

Today was week 1 of our Movement BE "BE the Voice" program at Helix High. We had 40+ students, which is our largest yet. The theme of the day was "Make People Care." The goal was to challenge students to find out what it is they care about the most, and how to write poems and stories of pushing people to care about their cause.

Our teaching lesson was Ferguson, Missouri. We informed the students in detail of what was happening after the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown who was shot down by police. A few students knew about the incident, but a majority had no idea what was actually happening in Ferguson. We questioned the silence and apathy of our country in regards to action and caring about this issue together. We brought up issues of race, sought to see it in a way that represented Michael Brown as a human being, rather than the troubled African-American male they made him out to be in justifying his murder.

We then transitioned in to Tupac's " A Rose that Grew From Concrete" and identified the value of a rose in the crack in the concrete. Students understanding their prescience as a rose, came to understand the place that they can grow from no matter what their situation. The challenge was to write and speak out to make people care. To make themselves visible. To BE heard!